RAF Alconbury, Cambs, UK.
From 1988 to 1992, I was stationed at RAF Alconbury, located in Cambridgshire, United Kingdom.  At that time, it was a busy base.. Now, it's nothing.  Geoff Soden, a local Paramotor Instructor and a friend of mine, flew over Alconbury and took these shots to show me what it looks like now.  Picture description below each picture.

The Main Gate at, what used to be, RAF Alconbury.

This used to be main area of the base with the dorms, the BX, Bowling Alley, Clubs, etc.  To be honest, I don't recongnize anything in this picture.. If any of you out there do, let me know. The big tan building with the red/brown roof at the 12:00 position: IS that the old Commissary?

A couple of big buildings. No idea where they are located on the base.

The only thing I notice here is our old Dorm. It is the brown building at 2:00 from the Football field.
Actually, is that our old dorm or the Cops old dorm?  You tell me...

Wow.. What used to be a runway for U-2 spy planes is now a used car lot.
What a waste.