USS Oriskany/Morrison Springs Trip
27-29 July 2007
Pensacola, FL

  I have finally gotten the time to sit down and write up the most requested trip report I've ever done.  Everyone wants to know about the Oriskany.  Well, here is the story.. On this trip is myself, Dive Buddy Dee, Mark M2 and Bill F+10.  Dee, Mark and I all work together and Bill was in my Rescue class back in April.  We had been trying to do a Jacksonville trip, but when things started to not look so good with Jax, we decided to do the trip we were planning to do in October. To dive the USS Oriskany.  And that's exactly what we did.. I called and booked us a charter to the "Mighty O" through MBT Divers and Mark took care of the hotel and car reservations.

0900/Friday, 27 July 07: We decided to rent a van instead of carpooling or convoying down to Florida. Since there were only 4 of us going, it would be a good ride down there with everyone in the van together.  So, the plan was for me to go pick up Mark, get the van, load out stuff and then pick up Dee and Bill on the way out. I ran about 10 minutes late, so when Dee called to see what was going on, since I was right by her house, I stopped and picked her up. We then went and pick up Mark and got the van. They originally had us a minivan waiting, but we saw some 8 passenger cargo vans on the lot and got an upgrade to one of them. Plenty of room for each person and all the dive gear to include 10 tanks.  After we dropped my truck off on Base, we left to pick up Bill.  By 1015, we were on the road to Florida with a full tank of gas, Mark's Tom-Tom GPS unit and some good company and conversation.  Some of the conversation included Bill's time as an Air Force A-10 Warthog pilot (that's just bad-ass!!) and Mark's desire to be cremated when he dies and be mixed in with concrete to be made part of an artificial reef. (that's just plain freaky)  We even came up with a couple business ideas that I won't discuss here because we don't want anyone stealing our ideas, no matter how stupid or creepy they may be.  Except for Mark trying to run another car off the road while changing lanes, it was a pretty uneventful, but enlightening  trip down to Pensacola.

1645/27 July 07: We arrive at MBT Divers. We drop off our tanks and tell them what we want them filled with along with paying for our charter for the next day.  We talked to the girl at the front counter about night diving on Saturday, but she said the jellyfish were so bad, so would HIGHLY recommend not doing any shore dives out of Pensacola.  Good enough for us.  We'll see if we can get a charter. If not, then no night dive on this trip.

1730: We check in to our Hotel rooms and will meet at 1900 to go eat.  Dee and mark have their own room and Bill and I decide to share one to cut costs.

1900: We all meet up and after checking with the ladies working the desk, we head out to "The Fish House" to eat. It was told to be a Southern seafood joint.  Well, it was a bit more upscale and pricey than we're used to eating on this trips, but the food was great. It was NOT a southern seafood joint, but it was very good food. They had best hush puppies I've ever eaten and the biggest scallops I've ever seen. (both on the plate and walking around) :)   After eating, we stopped by a grocery store to pick up snacks and water for the boat ride out tomorrow. Then, it was to our rooms to crash and meet up at 0700 the next morning.

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