We raced the car at the "Super Summer Sizzler Series" race at East Alabama Motor Speedway in Phenix City, Al, the weekend of 23 June 01.  Jamie drove the car and I was the "Owner" for the weekend.  I realized that weekend I couldn't be just an "Owner."  Too stressful.  During the Feature, the car got too tight and wouldn't turn, Jamie took it high to get out of people's way.  One guy either didn't see him or didn't care and slammed into the rear of the car.  The entire rear clip was close to dragging the ground after that hit.  We ended up having to re-clip the rear of the car.. These are some pictures of the process as it took place in Jamie's garage.

  I didn't bring the camera until after we well into the rebuilding.  The rear clip had already been cut off and the new one was already welded on by the time I took this one.  You can see the old blue bumper on the ground below it.

How the car looked without most of it's body.

New clip installed, everything welded and ready to go.. Jamie spray painting the new clip.

The finished product.. A MILLION Thanks to Jamie Carr for doing it for me!!!