Origin of  the "Wolfpack" name

I was in the US Air Force from 1985-1996. I was stationed at 4 different bases to include the Azores, Portugal and 2 bases in England, but the most memorable was Tinker AFB, OK. It was a distinctive honor to be a member of the 31st Combat Communications Squadron, 3rd Combat Communications Group, Air Combat Command. Known to Air Force personnel as the 3rd Herd. I worked in the Mobile Telephone Switch known as the AN-TTC-39(V)4.

Being a member of the "3rd Herd" was different than any other unit in the Air Force. We wore Battle Dress Fatigues, lived in tents, and carried weapons. Wherever there was "conflict" the 3rd Herd could be found.

Since members could be sent into "unsecured" hostile areas at any given time, every new member of the Herd had to go through 3 weeks of training that consisted of learning to drive the big military vehicles, plant and animal life, perimeter defense, escape and evasion and "code of conduct." The dreaded "MOBILITY SCHOOL." Mob School consisted of 2 weeks in the classroom and training runs and 1 week "in the field." During that week in the field, the students put everything they learned in the classroom to use.

While in the field, the students were "harassed" by "Bad Guys." These Bad Guys attacked the students' perimeter with weapons using "miles" gear (Multi-Integrated Laser Engagement System). They would infiltrate the student camp, kidnap members of the class, interrogate them, act as civilian protestors, "Friendly Forces", or whatever they were called upon to do by the Instructors. This group was called the 3rd Combat Communications Group Aggressor Force:

Code Name: The Wolfpack.

The command structure, members and operating procedures of the Wolfpack were kept secret from all other members of the 3rd Herd except for the Instructors at the School. There were about 1200 members of the 3rd Herd and less than 3% were ever enlisted into the Aggressor Force at any given time. So, it was a "secret" clan of "elite" 3rd Herd members. Each perspective member of the Force went through an initial "probation" status. At the end of the probation period, the Command Staff would vote if you were Aggressor material or not. If you were, you were invited to join and you would proceed through the ranks with accomplishments and time on force. If not, you left shamed. (heh)...

As you have probably guessed, I was one of the "chosen few." In fact, I made it as far up as 3rd in Command of the Force at the time of my separation from the Air Force. If there was ever a group of people that I would trust my life with, it was the 'Pack. You have a special bond with people you shed blood with. (Even if they were the cause of most of mine being shed)..

When I separated and decided to start a race team, I contacted one of the "Founding" members of the force and asked if it was ok to carry on the name. I got a big "Roger" on that, and so the origin of "Wolfpack Racing."  Although "Wolfpack Racing" is no longer in existence, the name will stay with me.  Since we are moving our interests into the flying world, "Wolfpack Aviation" will soon be listed as the official name.

Long Live the Pack, Guys!!!!!!!!!


Special thanks to WolfGod for the proof reading and wording suggestions.


The Command Staff as it was 9 months prior to my separation.
Back Row (L-R) Citywolf, Wolfgod, Wolfman, Bloodwolf
Front Row (L-R) Slickwolf, Sleepywolf, Trollwolf.
I am in the front row, far right.