Racing Sponsors

Many Thanks to them all for all their support during my time racing.

Although I'm not racing anymore, these people and businesses helped me out while I was doing it.  If you have a chance to do business with these people, businesses or organizations, please do, you won't regret it.  And, please let them know you saw their information on this site.

Barber's Motor Machine
617 Veteran's Memorial Parkway
Lanett, AL

Norman's Sign Shop
904 S. 8th St.
Lanett, AL 36863

NRA Member: 130698830
Mid State Tire
4070 Hwy 41 North
Byron, GA
JLD Designs
(Site Under Construction)
Graphic Arts and Websites
Warner Robins, GA

(Designed my new logo)



Sponsoring a race car at a "local" level is quite a bit different than the Sponsors you hear mentioned each week during the NASCAR, IRL, or other "Big League" races.  For the most part, those sponsors give the teams a HUGE amount of money for the year and the teams, in turn, advertise the company/product on cars and clothes, give personal appearances at locations, do commercials, etc.  At this level, "Sponsors" are usually local businesses that give you some help in off-setting your costs by offering free (or at cost) parts and services, maybe space to store you car, access to machines in their shop on the weekends or nights. etc.  There are instances where money is exchanged, but they seem to be few and far between.  Of course, there is not a racer out there that will turn down any money, but, it's more a "service for advertisement" deal.  What do we give in return?  We advertise their business on our cars, haulers and in our pits.  We give out flyers (if they have them), link them from our websites and will occasionally take the car to the place of business to show it off to their customers with the business logo on the car along with whatever else we can agree too.  This also gives the business a new way to advertise and it gives the driver a way to get his or her name out there and meet with other people.  Along those same lines, it's also up to us (the drivers and team members) to act in a manner that is complimentary to the businesses we advertise, both on and off the track.  "You are judged by the company you keep" is a very true statement in this type of "work." It's a pretty neat deal when it works out.  With that said, there is no race team that ever has enough sponsors on their car.  We can all use help from time to time.  If you can help a local racer, please do.