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2000-2001 Pictures

Nov 00-Mar 01
The car the day I bought it and through it's transformation to a race ready machine.

06 Apr 01
The first time ever for me in a race car.  What a night it was!!
Penton Raceway
Car/TrailerUnloadedChecking tiresZachInspectionCar from deckLoganDale and ZachDale and ZachDale in carDale in carGreat shot!!!Dale and Heather Group ShotFamily Shot

20 Apr 01
Threw out the drive shaft early in the night.
Small Group Shot
Car shotDriveshaft3rd member3rd MemberAnother Pro Shot3 pics by my Cuz

11 May 01

June 01

10 Aug 01

Last Pic of 2001

2002 Pictures

12 Feb 02
The Previous Tow Vehicle

An ambulance.  1983 Ford Econoline Van Ambulance with a 460 c.i. engine and C6 transmission.

24 Feb 02
Winter tear down / buildup
These are taken while I was tearing down the car to rebuild during the winter.

26 May 02
First pics of new body/graphics. 

08 June 02
Working on the car.. Scaling it out and applying new graphics.

13 June 02
The FINISHED 2002 Product!!!! (and its elated driver)

14 June 02
The First Test Session at Cordele Motor Speedway

20 July 02
Supposedly, the first race at Cordele.  A blown rear axle seal sidelined us for the night.

24 Nov 02
These were taken the morning after our race on 23 Nov 02.

2003 Pictures

28 Jan 03
The winter changes

08 March 03
The first trip to Cordele 2003.. I didn't get but 4 laps due to no oil pressure, so I took some pictures of the track from views you normally wouldn't see.

26 May 03
Engine problems on 08 March.  I've had to rebuild it since then.  Here a few pictures of the engine apart and the empty engine compartment.
Thanks to Heather's Brother, Scott, for giving us the digital camera used to take the following pictures.

29 May 03
The new motor has been picked up and I'm in the process of putting the rest of it back together and putting in the car.  Here are a few pics of the powerplant as it got to the house.

30 May 03
The new motor being worked on and installed.  It was running, but we had a major SNAFU..  We'll have it fixed in a week or so.

10 June 03
The infamous rag.
(First three pictures are on one page, last two on another)

27 June 03
The completed engine minus rag.

26 July 03
The first night at Cordele 2003.