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PADI Deep Diver

What does it take to get it? 
Watch here and find out.

25 Dec 06:  What is a "deep" diver?  According to PADI standards, a "deep" dive is any dive below 60 feet.  The recreational "maximum depth" standard is 130 feet.  So, a recreational Deep Diver is anyone that will dive between 60 and 130 feet. Anyone diving below 130 feet should receive special Technical Dive Training, in my opinion. I received the PADI Deep Diver DVD and manual for Christmas.  I will do the book work, watch the DVD and then work on getting my dives in.  I will detail the dives when I get to do them.

27 Dec 06:  I have finished the book portion and watched the video. I just need to make my dives. Who knows when that will happen.

Deep Diver Knowledge Reviews
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