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PADI Search and Recovery Diver

What does it take to get it? 
Watch here and find out.

31 Dec 06:  First off, let me explain what a Search and Recovery Specialty is:  When I tell people I'm going to get this specialty, they automatically think that Search and Recovery means getting dead bodies out of the water.  Far from it.. SaR is the recovering OBJECTS from the water, not bodies.  It teaches you searching techniques and lifting techniques, such as with a inflated lift bag.  The body recovery is for the Fire Department/Law Enforcement Dive Teams. After talking with my Instructor and realizing I was going to need to purchase "The Wheel" and the PADI Divemaster DVD, I started looking on eBay for them.  I got a good deal and ordered them. After talking with the guy I ordered them from, I asked if he could find the PADI Advanced Diver patch.  I was looking for the patch that was not the old vintage round patch.  Diver's Supply, for some reason, doesn't have them and can't get them right now.  This guy actually had one in stock and said he could send it to me.  I was grateful for him having one, so I told him I'd order something else from him and he could just throw it in there with the new order. Steve and I had talked about getting my Search and Recovery Specialty last summer, so I ordered the Crew Pack for that specialty.  The guy threw my patch in with that order and it is in the mail.
04 Jan 07:  My first entry for 2007 on the website.  The SaR Crew Pack (along with my patch) are scheduled to be delivered today.  If they are, I'll do the book work and knowledge reviews over the weekend since I have to go to work anyway this weekend.

07 Jan 07:  My patch and Crew Pack showed up on the day they were scheduled.  I watched the DVD on Friday and I'm doing the book work now. I've loaded the unanswered Knowledge Reviews on the site, so you can download the electronic versions of them below.

Search and Recovery Knowledge Reviews
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