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PADI Dive Master

What does it take to get it? 
Watch here and find out.

26 Dec 06:  The first step into the Professional Ranks of PADI Scuba Divers.  This is will be one long and drawn out session. I expect this course to take up the majority of the year 2007.  Since I can't go devote 2 full weekends a month to accomplish it, it will take a bit more time to do than I like. But, with a family, you have to watch your time away.  I received a pretty hefty gift certificate for Christmas, so I went to Diver's Supply and purchased the Dive Master Crew Pack.  Now, officially, I can't start my training until I complete the Rescue Diver course.  The course has been cancelled twice at Diver's Supply due to me being the only person signed up. There is another class scheduled for March and there are already people signed up, so it looks like this one will actually happen.  So, although I haven't completed the Rescue Diver open water portion (I completed book work and knowledge reviews a few months ago) that doesn't preclude me from starting the book work portion of the Dive Master program.  After seeing the books that come with it, it's a good thing I'm starting early. There is a lot of learning there.  As I stated, this will be a long process and a long page of what it takes get this certification.

03 Jan 07:  The Wheel Dive Planner and Dive Master DVD arrived in the mail today.  I watched the DVD.  That wheel is something else. I may need to go to Steve and have him sit down with me about it.  Pretty cool, but no where near as "user friendly" as the square RDP.