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PADI Wreck Diver

What does it take to get it? 
Watch here and find out.

25 Dec 06:  What is a Wreck Diver?  Basically, the wreck diving specialty will teach me the limits of recreational wreck penetration (Which, by the way, is 130 linear feet from the surface or the edge of the light zone, whichever you encounter first) and the proper use of penetration tools, such as lights, slates and reels, safe penetration techniques and emergency procedures.  I want to get use to these tools as I will need them in my Cavern/Cave training later on.  Not to mention, how cool it would be to penetrate these underwater history lessons!!! I received the PADI Wreck Diver DVD and manual for Christmas.  I will do the book work, watch the DVD and then work on getting my dives completed.  I will detail the dives when I get to do them.

28 Dec 06:  I have finished the book portion and watched the video. I just need to make my dives. Who knows when that will get to happen.

07 Jan 07:  An opportunity may have presented itself that might get my Wreck Diver Specialty completed within the month.  I'll add more when I know more.

04 Feb 07:  I had planned on getting Wreck Certified while I was TDY to Biloxi, MS the weekend of 27-28 Jan.  I was hoping to hook up with a dive shop out of Pensacola, FL and do my dives. Mother Nature had other plans.  It rained almost everyday I was in the area and there was some more serious weather out in the Gulf.  There was no way to get the required two days and 4 dives out of the crappy weather they were having in the area. So, the opportunity I was hoping for didn't work out for me.  Oh well. Maybe next time. I did get to dive that weekend. I went to Vortex Springs in Ponce De Leon, FL and got a couple hours of bottom time in on Sunday. No certifications, but some fun dives none-the-less.

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