My SCUBA Certifications

PADI Open Water 29 Jan 06
PADI Advanced Open Water 26 Feb 06
PADI Rescue Diver 01 Apr 07
PADI Dive Master Purchased Crew Pack
SPECIALTY Date Certified
Boat Diver Awaiting Papers
Enriched Air/NITROX 29 Jan 06
Deep Diver Awaiting Dives
Night Diver  
Search and Recovery Awaiting Dives
Wreck Diver Awaiting Dives
Underwater Photographer  
Cavern/Basic Cave  

Click on any of the Certifications/Specialties above in blue to read what it took to get the rating.  The ratings/specialties in white have not been awarded as of yet, but they are on my want list or in progress.  The Cavern/Basic Cave specialty won't be a PADI cert, so it's doesn't count towards the Master rating.
(Note: Open Water and NITROX are the same story since I got them together)

I also have some Knowledge Reviews here for download.  I didn't want to tear the pages out of my manuals, so I made electronic versions of the Knowledge Reviews.  Of course the answers aren't on these. :)
Just right click and "Save Target As"
These are ZIP files, so you must have a program to unzip them such as WinZip.

DEEP Diver Knowledge Reviews
RESCUE Diver Knowledge Reviews
WRECK Diver Knowledge Reviews

Want an Excel Spreadsheet Dive Log?
Click Here For One
I got this off the web a while back, and believe me, if I remembered where I got it, I would give credit to who made it.

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