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As most of you know, I decided to quit racing and take up flying.  As with racing, flying has always been a passion of mine.  When I was stationed in England, I went to every air show I heard about and Duxford Imperial War Museum (Cambs) was like a  second home to me due to the amount of time I spent there. But, I never thought learning to fly was a goal that was within my reach.  But, over the years, there has been a push to get more people involved with General Aviation.  Flight schools have popped up everywhere and they have made the cost of getting your certificate, although, not cheap by any means, more affordable to the average Joe, like myself.  After spending years making my race team and doing that, I realized, I could do anything I wanted to do as long as I had the willingness, the drive, the determination and the finances to do it.  The first three are no problem, the latter, that's a different story.  So, since the racing career was going nowhere and it was 99% frustration versus 1% exhilaration, I knew it was time to change hobby directions in my life. Maybe, now, I'll even have a hobby that actually has a future tied to it.
  On this page, you'll see what I go through while I progress into getting my PPL (Private Pilot's License).  If I mention a place or site that has a website to visit during my entries, I'll make a web link to it at the bottom of the entry if there isn't a link to it already on the page.  Speaking of links, if you interested in learning to fly, there are two links at the top of the page: BeAPilot.com (Gives you an introduction to flying and lists flight schools in your area) All of my flight training, unless otherwise noted, will be conducted at an unnamed flight school. 
Why is it unnamed? Click here for a quick story.
  Also, if you are located in the Middle Georgia area, interested in General Aviation and want to meet others with the same interests, come and visit the local Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, Chapter 38.  We have a meeting/pancake breakfast at a member's hanger every 4th Saturday of the month at the grass strip located on Hwy 41, just two miles North of Hwy 96 in Warner Robins.  If you come after 0845, you'll see the cars outside the hanger, you can't miss it.  Pancake breakfast starts at 0900 and meeting starts at 1000.  You can email me for more information or check out EAA38's website: EAA Chapter 38 - Middle Georgia Chapter

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