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The 1978 Piper PA38-112 Tomahawk N2470D

Inspection in Pennsylvania

Delivery day in Georgia at PXE

Pictures at Airpark

In-flight pictures 16 Jan 05

The original (darker) pictures were taken while we were in Meadville, PA checking out the Tomahawk for the first time.  They were taken with a very cheap disposable camera and are pretty grainy.

The trip home from PA

These were also taken with the cheapo camera.

These are decent sized files. 
If you single click them, they will open and play in a new window. You can also right click and "Save As" to watch later...

18 Dec 04:
Dad starting the engine for his first solo flight. (7mb)
Taxi at Perry-Houston County (PXE) for first flight. (9mb)
1st solo take-off. (PXE) (10mb)
Take off at Warner Robins Airpark (5A2) with Dad and me in it. (11.5mb)
Landing at 5A2 to end day one. (7mb)

19 Feb 05:
(In cockpit videos)
Take Off from Cochran (48A) (14mb)
48A Flyover (5mb)
Flyover of my house (9mb)
Landing at 5A2 (20mb)

October 2005:
This movie is 4 different films edited as one. 
I took 4 videos (2 take offs and 2 landings) from 2 different views in the Tomahawk while flying at Perry/Houston County (PXE)
PXE Flights (8mb)