This page is for my old Military roommate, Dan Skourup.  Dan and I decided to share an apartment together in 1992 to save some money while stationed in Oklahoma City.  We didn't really know each other, but decided it couldn't be all bad, so we did it.  Dan and I became good friends and then I did something I almost came to regret...
  I took Dan on his first trip a Hooters Restaurant.  It happened to be a slow night there and our waitress, Annie, spent a lot of time at our table, just sitting and talking.  Dan was in heaven.  He was, after that day, OKC Hooters North best and most favorite customer.  All the girls fought over to wait on him and some would actually get kind of upset if he didn't sit with them.  Since he went there 6 days a week on most occasions, there was plenty of time to spend with them all...heh
  While I stationed in Saudi Arabia, my birthday came and went while I was there.  Dan went to our favorite hangout and took some pics to let me know what I missing on my birthday..  (The ones with orange shorts)   Uh, yeah.. Thanks Buddy.  But, when I got back, he did throw me a party there and had all the girls that normally waited on us there that night.. (The ones in black uniforms)..
  Well, I've had these pics for quite awhile and just ran across them this morning and decided to put them up for Dan to see them again... (Since Dan took most of the pics, he's only in one of them..Sorry Buddy)


Dan and StaceyDale and DianaDale and KathyDale and YvetteDarlaMelissaAnnie and YvetteSandiDianaKC

Dan's initiation into the 3rd herd..