July 2002
My younger sister, Leslie Lorenz, has breast cancer.  She is going through chemotherapy and, of course, lost her hair due to the treatments.  Since no woman wants to lose her hair, I volunteered to let Leslie shave off all my hair as a "little payback" for having to lose hers.  Below are the pictures of "the deed" and the final product..
UPDATE:  Leslie has finished both her chemo and her radiation.  She came through with FLYING colors.  Thanks to all of you that sent along all the thoughts, well wishes and prayers.  It meant a lot to my entire family.

The first cut.

Going for the Mohawk.


Almost Done

Last cut.

Brother and Sister.

Dad wanted to show his support, so he shaved his hair also.
Dad, Leslie, Me.
My hair seems to grow back a bit faster than his.. :)
UPDATE: Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer just after this picture was taken. (July 2002)  He did radiation for 6 weeks and has come through with flying colors also.  We were very blessed this year with the outcome of both of these procedures.  Again, the entire Hall Family wants to Thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers.